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Link to Three Little Pigs story
To view the Three Little Pigs story click here
Three Little Pigs
Hot off the drawing board!
Three Little Pigs
2nd level of pieces (4 buttons)3rd level of pieces (3 buttons)Final level with pieces stitched to the page
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This big bad wolf may hugg and puff but he won't blow down the houses of the three little pigs. . .not even those of wood and straw.  Introducing buttons, for young toddlers just beginning to master this skill, with a layered activity.  With seven big pieces and 8 buttons to master, this quiet book page allows children to discover more of the Three Little Pigs story as each piece is unbuttoned.  Unbuttoning the page-sized wolf piece brings the house pieces into view, then the pigs and then the materials for making their houses.  Moms will appreciate that pieces will not get lost since one side of each piece is securely stitched to the page.  Buttoning the pieces back in place starts the discovery all over again!  This activity fastens into one page of the Take-A-Long Tote.
Pictures show each level with other layers removed.
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