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LDS Line-Up
LDS Line-up
Pocket into which the sequencing pictures are stored5 of the 30 sequencing picturesRight-handed glove (which goes on the left hand) with correct finger piecesTake-A-Long into which the activity fastensPage onto which finger pieces are stored
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This gloved activity is perfect when a religious quiet time is needed.  Once the glove is placed on the child's hand, they pick a "sequencing" piece and fasten it to the palm.  With LDS icons, readily recognized by primary aged children, the challenge is to mimic the icons with the correct colors across their fingers.  Thirty sequencing pieces allow for a good long time of fun and learning.   All pieces fasten easily with Velcro.  Included is a storage pocket  designed to store the sequencing pictures.  Moms will appreciate that everything has an "away" place.  This activity fastens into a Take-a-Long Tote and is included in the price.

  Please see below and choose the tote fabric your child would enjoy. 

Colors of fabric page and glove may vary.
This activity is available only as a ready-made item.

(Note: If your toddler is right-handed, choose the right-handed product.  If left-handed, choose the left-handed product.  The same applies when ordering extra gloves.  Extra gloves are offered so more than one child can play at a time)

LDS Line-Up Take-A-Long Tote





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