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Lavender Pick-Up-Six in Take-A-Long Tote
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The Pick-Up-Six  quickly and effortlessly attaches to the Take-A-Long Tote with Velcro© tripling the tote's carrying capacity to 6 pages.  It also features:

  • Velcro© fasteners for quick & easy switching of quiet book pages
  • Machine washable polyester/cotton fabric
  • A choice of six colors to coordinate with tote fabric.
(Colors also shown above, next to tote fabric, making coordinating tote and Pick-Up-6 a snap!)

     Grass Green fabric- Pick-UP-Six   Gold fabric - Pick-Up-Six   Purple Fabric - Pick-Up-Six   Red fabric - Pick-Up-Six   Royal Blue fabric - Pick-Up-Six   Bright Pink Fabric - Pick-Up-Six

    Pick-Up-Six Pattern and Velcro

    For those who want to sew their own tote extender, this item includes illustrated instructions and the 30 large Velcro© pieces.  (Note: Your sewing machine must be able to sew Velcro© consistently, without skipping stitches.  We have found that most computerized sewing machines have trouble sewing the hook side of Velcro without messing up the tension.  Since this product uses only the hook, this may be a concern. )  Sewing Level:  intermediate

    Pick-Up-Six Velcro

    This item includes only the 30 large Velcro© pieces (hook side).
    Note: All prices in US Dollars

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