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Questions & Answers

How well do I need to be able to sew in order to make your patterns or kits?

If you can thread your machine, make a buttonhole and stitch a straight or zigzag seam, you can make all but the most complicated of our patterns.  (Most of the problems we encounter come from the inability of computerized sewing machines to sew Velcro without messing up the tension, not with human deficiencies!)  If you are not confident with your sewing skills, but still want a homemade book, start out with those patterns that indicate a sewing level of "easy".  If you have ANY trouble at all, please, contact us!!  Our designer will not only give you any help you need, but is anxious to hear of any problems encountered while using our pattern instructions.  Click for e-mail.

May I glue-gun my pieces together instead of sewing them?

An emphatic “No!” to this one. We have found that books made this way just don’t last. Sorry!  Also, when pieces aren’t securely sewn, the chance of little ones swallowing buttons, pieces, etc. increases.

If I order a ready-made quiet book page how can I embellish it to make it one-of-a-kind?

Embellishing our quiet book pages can be a lot of fun.  Here are just a few of the ways our customers have been creative: 

  • tiny buttons and ribbons sewn to the Dress-Up outfits and closets
  • child's name embroidered on the Take-A-Long Tote
  • specialty buttons sewn wherever! 
  • small feathers sewn on hats
  • However you decide to embellish, please make sure that buttons etc. are sewn on securely.

Why don't you recommend embroidery in your books?

Remember who is going to use the activities you are constructing... young kids!   Believe it or not, they couldn't care less if you take the time to put a lot of embroidery work into their quiet book. And as painful as this may be, they aren't going to appreciate it AT ALL even if you do take the time to embroider their pages. Paints take less time, last longer and create a brighter visual experience. We do suggest, however, that if handiwork is desired that it be used in personalizing the cover of your quiet book. This will make it a treasured heirloom in years to come.  We also encourage using scraps of fabric that have special meaning for your child when making removable pieces. 

If I order a kit, will I need anything else that will be difficult to find to complete my activity?

NO!  Our kits include everything you will need with the exception of thread.  Most of our quiet book activities require transparent nylon thread, which is available at local fabric stores.   Many of our activities require industrial strength adhesive.  If you choose to gather your own materials, for those activities that use a fair amount of Velcro, we offer it to you at a savings.  

Do I need to worry about pieces getting lost?

Before we answer this question, let us offer a suggestion.  We have found that quiet books are most effective when they are NOT accessible to children EXCEPT during those times when a quiet activity is needed i.e. church, doctor visits, one-on-one quality time with parents, during car and plane trips etc.  This makes the book  something special which children will continue to look forward to using.  Since it is used only during specified times, it is easier to make sure all the pieces are accounted for before putting the book away.  However, knowing that losing pieces is a problem and concern, we have constructed our activities with plenty of pockets!!   Teach your child, as soon as the quiet book is presented, that all the pieces to each activity need to be put away before going on to the next one.  We have found that, when taught, even young children enjoy putting pieces away in a pocket or making sure they are fastened to the page.  It merely becomes part of the adventure!!

That said, if you do lose a piece or it gets destroyed (kids are very handy with scissors and permanent markers!) we will replace it for a  nominal fee.

How long will it take me to make a quiet book page?

We used to dread this question because, to be honest, quiet books don't just "whip up"!  But with laminated paper and felt, your construction time has been DRASTICALLY reduced, and now the pages are colorful and much more detailed.   With our kits, you are getting as close as one can get to "whipping up" a quiet book!!  Realistically, you should, now, be able to finish a quiet book page in an afternoon or two, depending on how complicated the activity is and how much you decide to embellish it.   

Are the quiet book pages able to be washed?

The Take-A-Long Tote, Folder Tote and Pick-Up-Six are machine washable. Unfortunately, felt and sewn laminated paper are not.  Both can be hand cleaned, however.   The pieces are water resistant but not waterproof.  That is why we stress clean hands!  

Do you recommend quiet books for infants?

Absolutely!! They offer a unique quiet, one-on-one opportunity. The activities need to be specially constructed, however, so nothing comes off the page. Each page needs to be a visual, audio (mom's voice) and movement activity.  We have designed several quiet book pages for Wee Ones!  Check them out!  

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