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Dress-Up Girl

Our best seller!  All the problems of traditional paper dolls have been solved. . . no more fragile tabs that break off or clothing that rips.  Choose from five friends, or get them all.  A great way to introduce and teach friendship among races.   Magnet fasteners take the frustration out of dressing up our 9" tall little girls and each little girl fastens securely to the Take-A-Long Tote. (sold separately)  Each friend is completely compatible with all Dress-Up Girl outfits.  All items are sold separately, making it affordable and easy to pick just the right outfits to peak your little girl's interests.  A great quiet time activity for home or away!  Available only as ready-made items.

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Our magnet sheet, laminated friends are stitched onto a fabric page which fastens with Velcro© into one page of the Take-A-Long Tote. 

Annie - Brunette Caucasion friend  Jennifer - Blonde Caucasion friend  Kisha - Black friend  Reyna - Hispanic friend  Toxie - Asian friend


The closet pocket easily stores up to 12 outfits and fastens securely to the Tote with Velcro© .  Each closet fastens onto one page of the Take-A-Long Tote.

                            Purple Closet   pink closet


Baby Doll  Cheerleader  Cowgirl  Military Fatigues  Nephite girl/Aztec Princess

Overalls  Pioneer      

Rain Coat  Summer Shorts  Sunday Best  Sunday Coat  

Workout  Doctor  Soccer  Firefighter  



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