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Dress-Up Boy

This Dress-Up activity has been designed especially for boys.....but girls like it too!  Your little man will enjoy outfitting our 9" friends.  Choose from 5 male friends or get them all.  Each fastens securely to the Take-A-Long Tote and is completely compatible with all Dress-Up Boy outfits.  All items are sold separately, making it affordable and easy to pick just the right outfits to send your little boy off to the world of imagination.  A great quiet time activity for home or away!  Available only as ready made items.

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Our magnet sheet, laminated friends are stitched onto a fabric page which fastens with Velcro© into one page of the Take-A-Long Tote.  Each friend is a one page activity.

Marcus  Alex  Renjie  Donte'  Jason


The dresser pocket easily stores up to 12 outfits and fastens securely to the Tote with Velcro©.  Each closet fastens onto one page of the Take-A-LongTote.

                            Black Dresser   Blue dresser


Pioneer  Cowboy  Jeans & Jersey  Military Fatigues  Navy Shorts

Floaties  Pajamas  Pirate  Oversalls  Rain Slicker

Aztec/Stripling Warrior  Sweats  Sunday Suit  Summer Shorts  Sweater & Tie

Snowsuit  Doctor  Softball  Soccer  Firefighter

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