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Kid tip:
"When your mother is mad and asks you, "Do I look stupid?" it's best not to answer her."
ABC Fingers
A best seller!
ABC Fingers
School Bus Pocket (shown closed)Answer sheet and 3 picture squaresGlove (right-handed)
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This is the ideal quiet book activity to make spelling enjoyable for your child.  It is specifically designed to allow children to learn at their own pace and in their own way.  With the aid of cross-referencing, this delightful learning toy becomes self-correcting, encouraging hours of entertainment with minimal adult intervention.
Kids love putting the glove on and placing one of the over forty picture squares on the palm.  The activity becomes educational as they try to spell the word across their fingers with the letters.  Everything is held in place with Velcro, making it easy for little hands to take off and on.
Moms will appreciate that everything has an "away": picture squares and laminated answer sheet store in the bus pocket, while the letters and glove are placed on a separate fabric page.
  This activity fastens into 2 pages of the Take-A-Long Tote
  • School Bus Storage Pocket
  • Both right and left-handed gloves available
  • Over 40 picture squares
  • Fabric page to store letters
  • Laminated answer sheet with cross-referencing
Colors of fabric page and glove may vary.
Extra glove and a math supplement (123 Fingers) are also available.
See below

(Note: If your toddler is right-handed, choose the right-handed product.  If left-handed, choose the left-handed product.  The same applies when ordering extra gloves.  Extra gloves are offered so more than one child can play at a time)

123 Fingers Supplement

123 Fingers Supplement
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Designed to be used and stored with the ABC Fingers activity, this supplement furthers your child's math skills, focusing on addition and subtraction.
  • Thirty picture squares
  • Number and math function pieces
  • Laminated answer sheet.

Extra Gove

Extra Glove Kit

This product includes pattern for both right & left handed glove, illustrated instructions, fabric, interfacing and Velcro.  Sewing level:  very easy
Note: All prices in US Dollars
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