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Teach Your Tot Piano Course
Teach Your Tot Piano Course
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 TYT icon  The easiest course for teaching young children to play the piano!

Your Child will Learn:

 Blue note  To play all 12 major scales

 Green note  The basics of all correct fingering

 Red note  The names of the white keys

 Blue note  How to play hands together

 Green note  The beginning or rhythm

 Red note  To play the 10 enclosed songs . . .PLUS

 Blue note  . . .any song he/she can sing!

 Green note  To transpose any song he/she can play

 Red note  Repect for a musical instrument, and. . .

 Blue note  To ENJOY music!


Young toddlers can be taught to play songs on any keyboard. . .piano, organ or electronic.

Parents do NOT need to know how to read music.

Course booklet features 10 goal oriented written lessons including:

  • step-by-step lesson plans
  • teaching methods
  • cautions and advice for improving attention span and finger dexterity.

Children progress at their own pace.

There is no enforced practice time - no specific lesson time.