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About Us

Countryfolk Collection started as a pattern company in 1988 located in southern California.  It was founded by a single mom with six small children who was looking for quiet toys to take to church and to keep her children entertained during cross-country trips in the car.  Being disappointed in what was available, she decided to utilize her textile degree, started designing and successfully marketed patterns for childrens' quiet, educational books and toys.   A decade later, as home stitchers decreased and the need for ready-made items increased, Countryfolk Collection incorporated, and started redesigning over 100 patterns into ready-made quiet activities and toys.  

The result is a collection of products that are designed to delight and train children of various ages.  Our quiet activities are unique. Many of the designs have a variety of solutions, thus encouraging and giving opportunity for your child’s creativity. Others provide either an unstructured play pattern with no “wrong” way or an activity that is self-correcting, requiring a minimum of mom’s help.  Our commitment is to be the best at creating one-of-a-kind quiet activities that educate and stimulate.

Recently, at our customers' requests, we again offered patterns for a small section of our products.  This gives the best of both worlds. . .a quality product for those who love to sew and create AND  a product line for those who need something ready-made.

It gives us great pleasure to know our designs are being enjoyed by children (and moms) everywhere.  Thank you.   It absolutely thrills us that they have found a place in schools, hospitals and in teaching basic skills to handicapped and autistic children and adults.
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